Breathtaking English flowers, grown sustainably on Ashampstead Common, West Berkshire.

I am Harry, and I am the grower, florist and founder of The Green Door Flower Co.
Established in 2021 and inspired by growing the flowers for my own wedding, The Green Door Flower Co. was established to fill a need for locally grown, eco-friendly flowers.
 Trained as an ecologist and having worked in the wildlife conservation sector both at home and abroad, the protection of nature is a high priority for me, and it is with this in mind that The Green Door Flower Co. works to enhance our local areas, both indoors and outdoors, to benefit our ecological systems both locally and globally.
Based in Ashampstead Common, close to the beautiful villages of Ashampstead and Yattendon in West Berkshire, I am blessed with a bright space from which to grow my blooms, benefitting numerous species of solitary bees amongst countless other species, as long as our small army of rescue hens do not scratch the seedlings away at the start of the year!
Serving the community local to where they are grown, my flowers have no carbon footprint, particularly when compared to imported flowers which have thousands of air miles, and often are treated with harsh preservatives and pesticides and grown by those struggling under poor work safety environments. 
My flowers are cultivated in a way that is kind to our local ecosystems - whereby I use organic and regenerative practices wherever possible. Our garden creates habitat and provides food for pollinators and other beneficial insects, encouraging natural predators such as ladybirds and hedgehogs in to take care of the pests! We even had a wild swarm of honeybees choose to set up shop here, to take advantage of all the food on offer!
My bouquets aim to replicate the countryside, bringing a collection of the garden, into your, or your loved one's, home or event.